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The franchise timeline

  • Man confused illustration

    Is Franchising For You?

    What kind of person should buy a franchise? If it is something that you’ve considered in the past, or are now considering, then this could be a pertinent question. After all, not everyone is suited for this type of work.

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  • Man choosing a path illustration

    How To Choose A Franchise

    Buying a franchise is a model that is often preferred to outright business ownership. It has many advantages, not least of which is that all the branding, marketing and products are already in place.

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  • Twp business men shaking hands illustration

    How To Sell Yourself To A Franchisor

    When a franchisor sells the rights to be part of their brand, they have to be sure that they are selling to the right person: somebody who will fit in and, if possible, even improve the company's standing.

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  • Man holding contract illustration

    The Franchise Agreement

    When you agree to take on a franchise, the first - and the most important - step that you will be expected to take is to oversee the creation of your franchise agreement.

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